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19th July, 2011. 3:06 am.

Life is going really well for me. Sometimes I regret not being around back home, if only because of the friendships I miss, but I'm really glad my life seems to be going in a direction I never expected. It may have been spur of the moment, buy this job was the best idea I ever had. Here's to an incredibly busy year ahead of me. <3

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13th December, 2010. 7:38 am.

Well here we go, long distance again, this should be fun.

No really, I'm happy, I think I made me the best decision for now, and we'll see how it plays out. I sure did miss him tho, more than I care to admit.

Yay for fabulous weekends in Pensacola!

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5th December, 2010. 12:21 pm.

I might have to do the long distance thing for chris. wtf is wrong with me.

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27th November, 2010. 9:04 am.

Chris had a seizure yesterday from withdrawls. I about had a heart attack when I found out. It's really bothering me that I didnt get a phone call, that I had to find out on facebook. I guess thats to be expected. I sure did call him though. He sounded ok, but I just can't believe it happened in the first place. Thank goodness it happened while he was at work, so someone was there to call the ambulance. I just keep thinking that he could have died had he been driving or something. Jesus christ. AND he still has his license, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I dont hear about him getting in an accident. I'm going to have to do some research on that, make sure its not something that recurrs.

Other than that, everythings going ok round here. Wishing I had more friends here, but i'm also wishing i had my own place, LOL...soon enough, soon enough.

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31st October, 2010. 11:39 am.

I always love sundays because of Postsecret. silly, but its always funny, or sad, or exciting, or whatever. makes my day.

This week was crazy. the first couple of days i cried from boredom, lots of policy and procedure. The last couple of days were awesome tho! Interaction with the students, the teachers were more welcoming. it didnt feel so much like i was invading their space, more like i was joining them in their mission. pretty flippin sweet if you ask me.

I got into Jacksonville last night, got to see my babies! simba practically slept on my head, and cali let me hold her for more than 30 seconds, which is saying something, lol. I'm sad i have to leave them again :( and this time probably for more like 2 weeks, rather than 1. there's a fashion show i volunteered for , so it'll be fun, for sure, i'll just miss my cats, lol.

anyway, off to get some laundry done before i have to head back to st.pete.

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27th October, 2010. 9:29 pm.

mannnn, i wish i could call chris. lame.

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25th October, 2010. 8:11 pm.

Got to St. Pete today! I decided to pay for a room myself the night before, make it easier on myself tomorrow. I'm so ready for this!! Jarrell came and helped me take my CART of shit to my room, no lie, I have sooo much stuff. Turns out I'll be here for maybe 3 months? so I decided to bring my life with me. hahaha. The room is pretty sweet, It's a suite, and I'll be sharing a living room with someone, but the bedroom and bathroom are separate, with a lock. AND i have 2 double beds, so come visit me!

I'm already missing my kittehs...mom said Simba was walking around meowing, looking for me :( I'll get to see them Friday!!

Wish me luck tomorrow, I'm so excited!!

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23rd October, 2010. 10:36 pm.

Tomorrow is the day! I'll actually be leaving town. it's soooo crazy. I've been in Pensacola for so long, and even when i wasn't in Pensacola, I was here every weekend. I think things are going to be different this time. I'm excited this time, about meeting people, and making this happen. Not as nervous, a little bit, but not bad, and not as shy. My job has really made it a lot easier for me to find something to talk about, haha.

I'm really hoping the cats don't freak out on me in the car tomorrow. Hopefully after the first 30 minutes they'll just fall asleep or something. They'll be out, so hopefully they stay calmer. Baby Benadryl is on hand.

Wish me luck guys :)

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16th October, 2010. 10:01 pm.

OMG moving sale was not as good as hoped, BUT i've still got stuff on craigslist, so hopefully I can get rid of it by the end of the week.

Chris showed up at the yard sale. My fault, I wanted to take a bag to his house, and he decided to come pick it up instead. talk about emotionally draining. he pretty much wants nothing to do with me, and i should probably want that as well, since i broke it off, but i dont. maybe i'm just as emotionally unstable as he is....only i dont hold shotguns to my face. I wish things could be different, because hes one hell of a boyfriend...hes just a little bit of a nut too, and I guess i decided it was too much.

I made the right decision.

Thats what i keep telling myself anyway.

I AM getting more and more excited about getting to hang out in st. pete for a while. Jarrell decided he wanted to meet me out there. probly another bad decision, but i could use friends. and friends that know me, not just acquaintances. so i think i'll let him.

i'm pretty lame, but i think an early bedtime is called for today. lets get up tomorrow.

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16th October, 2010. 9:19 am.

So I think I'm going to start using this again. Just because only a few important people still use it, and that's perfect. That way ppls can't know all my biiiizzzness.

Anyway, I'm pretty stoked about this education thing I'm about to embark on. A move out of town will do me good I think. If I stayed here, I might be a fool and try to get back with Chris, and that could be bad. Plus this thing with Aveda could take me places. I'm not exactly sure WHAT places, but places, lol.

I am quite sad about leaving all my boos behind...People I've known forever and people I've only known for a short while, but all important nonetheless. I've gotten quite attached to my weekly poker games and yoga practices. I'll make it happen in Jacksonville tho. I've got to!

I sure wish my car would be done...I've been sitting at the dealership since 730...it's now 915. B00000!!! that's OK tho, after this I get to have a fantastic lunch with Morgan and her little one Ember...who's pretty much one of the cutest kids I've ever seen, lol.

Ok, well that's good for now I think lol. Tomorrow's the moving sale....hope I can make some monies to replace what I spent on this new laptop.

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